Herling – Why

Now for something different we can hardly classify as indie, it’s the almost classical and dreamy new single by Herling. ‘Why’ is a theatrical and folk-inspired song with a thought-through soundscape that is drawn by haunting harmonies and leading vocals that pull the boat of Herling’s musical workmanship. The track sounds as if written for a specific play that wants to involve the listener by enchanting it through its meaningful lyrics and story-lines.

The Israeli-born singer-songwriter is a well round multi-instrumentalist who has lent his unique way of playing to various musical projects in Israel before forming this original project and launching his first single ‘Come Here’ in 2015. Since then two EP’s have been released and some excessive touring took place throughout Israel. As ‘Why’ is a bit of a dreamy soundtrack to my… dreams, it would be great to hear more of it!

Let’s say 2020 is ready for something new…

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