Arson Daily – Signs

‘Signs’ is in your face and a new wave indie rock song with a kick and punch that is hard to avoid. A catchy surf-western style chorus gives it an even brighter spark and makes it the infectious track it has become. ‘Signs’ is the new single by Arson Daily, and the product of over four years of creating. “It’s a track about seeking out maturity and it carries you through the satisfaction of accomplishment while wrestling with the hesitance and nostalgia that inherently accompanies change.”

‘Signs’ is the seasonal soundtrack of both summer and autumn as the trio from North Carolina have created a sound that takes inspiration from multiple genres that have been poured into the Arson Daily-mold. It’s a combination of an upbeat and swooning soundscape that reinforces the slightly eccentric vocals.

It took me about 5 years before I ran into Arson Daily, and it sounds like it was the exact right time for me personally. Daily ditched their look and the other way of winning over their fans’ souls through showing their vulnerability. ‘Signs’ has everything to do with accepting individuality, and doing so even though it can be tough and scary.



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