The Pre-Amps – Doesn’t Change

I have only been a fan of brass sections since Red Rum Club and still I had trouble finding they were actually adding to musical compositions. The Pre-Amps have convinced me that brass sections can bring the confetti to any party without having to clean up the mess afterwards. ‘Doesn’t Change’ is an up beat and cheerful single that gets stuck in your head and sounds like one that would be an experience to encounter live. The band from Newcastle have been touring as a cover band before releasing their first ever original single.

It’s the debut single of a band that shows to have thought thoroughly about their sound and how to bring it to their fans. It’s a dreamy psychedelic pop track with a modern twist of 60’s psychedelic and a splash of Brit pop. The band describe it as ‘nu-mod classic in the making’, I think that when you’re not a fan of the Mod-culture it’s hard to understand how excited this makes me, but it’s very excited. Yes, I’m that girl. Thank you, The Pre-Amps.

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