Reliving good old times with a healthy dose of a combination of pop punk and indie rock is what I’m currently doing. JEKYLL WOOD have recently released their new single with video ‘Who You Are’ and it’s a roller-coaster of melancholic feelings that make me feel like I have known the band for ages. The video for ‘Who You Are’ shows JEKYLL WOOD going on a road trip, an initiatory journey. ‘Who You Are’ is the literary exploration of who we are and what we are doing.

JEKYLL WOOD creates his music with a beat-box, samples and loop pedals. Being attracted to rock & roll and guitar solos, JEKYLL makes the girls go wild. Or at least, that’s what he’s going for…

Artists exposing their personality through their music and lyrics shows strength, vulnerabilty and in my opinion is one of the most admirable traits of musicians and the ones who write lyrics to express themselves. A combination of before-mentioned, rock and electro, plus a rather well-directed video made JEKYLL WOOD stand out to me. We’ll wait and see what the French singer songwriter is going to bring in the near future!

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