Dead Lucid – Head

With a love for singing guitar riffs, upbeat sounds and catchy drum rolls, Dead Lucid‘s ‘Head’ is a combination of a couple of my favourite things. Vocals as if sung from afar, reaching me through a tunnel, a world further than our own. Dead Lucid has a catchy band name, a catchy sound and know how to keep the interesting in alternative rock. Layer after layer stays interesting with intervals and surprising hooks. ‘Head’ is a single that snuggles up in your head and won’t leave until… Well, I’m unsure as it hasn’t left my head yet.

‘Head’ is about frustration and acceptance, the desire to put in massive efforts, and the body and mind’s way to suppress progress. Dead Lucid have written a song about feelings a lot of us feel or have felt at this moment in time. Wanting to reach the top of a mountain but feeling that every step forward is actually a step back. Having a sound to that feeling is as comforting as entertaining. Dead Lucid have created their own inspiring sound and I’m excited about their future releases!


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