Chef’Special – Trouble

Chef’Special is one of the Dutch bands that I have been following since I was a little girl. Their catchy, mellow indie is exactly right for any mood, the voice of singer Joshua Nolet always seems to ease me into a dream world where worries are as light as feathers. ‘Trouble’ is exactly what I had hoped their newest release would sound like. It’s the first of the new decade and goes hand in hand with the announcement of their new album ‘Unfold’ which is available for pre-order right here.

Ever since their uprising Chef’Special have been the band that produce and play their own music, following their own rules. Blending genres, breaking through walls and giving all they have to their past-, present- and future fans. This band is outstanding on- and offline as not only their recorded music but also their live-show being incredible in all different aspects of the word. Think fireworks, light-shows, tons of energy and a grand passion for music.

Chef’Special is different, refreshing and new. I don’t mean new in the sense of being a new band, I mean new in the sense of creating a new sound with every new release. Putting a label on Chef’Special is hard to do, but ‘addictive’ is one they definitely deserve. Drawing inspiration from nineties hip-hop and grasping multiple genres, ‘Trouble’ is as inclusive as it gets. Or well, who knows what the next album will bring…


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