The Satellite Station – I Should Have Fought For You

There was a time I could not hear any more harmonies, Matt Simon-like sounds, but The Satellite Station made me recover the love for the dream pop sound. A voice that sounds as if from a dream, or from a world a little outside our own, spoke to me with an edge that made me believe their chanting lyrics, ‘I Should Have Fought For You’…

“This song questions the difference between how we feel and how we present ourselves to the world. How we often are so caught up in our own existence that we fail to see the people who need help around us.” It’s the brief summary of Ohio-native Travis Rue’s latest single, Travis is the singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that’s behind the name of The Satellite Station.

It’s his no-bullshit kind of appearance, and his humble attitude that made me fall for his soul, and the lyrics that he wrote. With a small amount of Facebook-likes I am happy he sent me his music, as I would most definitely not have been able to find it on my own. His folk-inspired sound melts rather well with the dream pop sound that he has created and it is the blend of genres that makes it different than the singer songwriter I have heard before. Another great artist, added to my favourites-list!

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