The Wilkies – Annie Day

The Wilkies introduce their new single with a wonderfully soothing voice that tells the story of not feeling yourself and it throwing off relationships. ‘Annie Day’ is a dreamy indie pop song that is calming and made me feel good about not feeling too good. Its slow and steady rhythm complements the warming harmonies and shines a light on the main vocals. ‘Annie Day’ is a thoughtful and atmospheric track that builds hope and offers support, in its own and unique way.

“Sometimes you just don’t feel like yourself, and that throws off a relationship. Whether it’s depression or anxiety, you know you’ll come around, ‘any day now’… you just hope you don’t do too much damage in the interim.”

To me, it is quite outstanding realising that ‘Annie Day’ is The Wilkies’ debut single as it seems to be as well thought out as any band that has been releasing music for years on end. For a first single it sets high standards and a great example for the already recognisable Wilkies-sound!


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