We Are Hunters – One More Try

We Are Hunters have released the first single of their second EP ‘Halocline’ and this single is the promise of their second EP being an absolute hoot and cheerer-upper! ‘One More Try’ is their latest single, a song that explains the story of losing love and at the same time losing your mind over it. It’s a creative way of escaping the madness while being trapped in your own mind.

A wonderfully up beat and tearing combination of inspiration drawn from classic rock and cheesy pop is what brought the Hunters to their recent sound. The young and enthusiastic band from the Netherlands might come of as too cheesy sometimes, sugar pop I like to call it, however their promise is to travel towards a heavier sounds with harder hitting drums and louder guitars. That last bit makes my heart pump a little faster and my ears excited for what’s coming up. I’m usually of the impatient kind, however ‘One More Try’ is keeping me busy until new music is being released. Call it whatever genre you prefer, it’s catchy and it’s up beat and it puts a smile on my face!

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