Leopard Rays – Moon

North East indie rockers Leopard Rays have released a new infectious and up beat single called ‘Moon’. Both the moon and their new single are almost equally as captivating! It’s demanding guitar riffs and intriguing vocals with a shaking vibrato that almost shook me off my chair. Their passion and energy punched me awake and made me turn up the volume. I have been waiting for a new Leopard Rays single and am not disappointed by this new release.

The band from Hartlepool formed in 2018 and have been inspired by bands such as Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Oasis. With lead guitarist Sean hailing from Chicago the band are positively exploiting their healthy combination of American and British influences. It’s the spirit that counts and the passion and love for music that make it worthwhile in the end!

The band’s highlights include playing at music festival ‘The Gathering Sounds’ and the Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre. Upcoming highlights are more high-quality music and hopefully a tour?


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