Primes – Dreamer And I

Alternative pop rock powerhouse Primes have released their new single ‘Dreamer And I’ last month and it has been stuck in my head ever since! The band is inspired by their own observations of society’s apparent addiction to social media and translate that addiction into their music and sound. Take their positivity and self-belief and turn it into what it means to you, while listening to their anthemic and incredibly up beat and addictive new single.

The band have been receiving high grades for their past endeavors and it seems they only keep going and going. I’ve been in awe of their music since the release of previous single ‘Nine Lives’ and ‘Dreamer And I’ raised the bar of expectations even higher.

“People often feel as if they don’t achieve enough and compare themselves to others, especially with the involvement of social media” says lead singer Ollie Kitchen. “’Dreamer And I’ looks at the mental health issues of this mindset and contains a message of hope. Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams and know that tomorrow is a new day”.

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