Get to know The Pre-Amps

We had a brief chat with The Pre-Amps to get to know them better. Read all about it right here! Interested in their latest release? Read it here!

How did you guys first start making music?

We’ve been playing together since September 2013 when Scott, Kelvin and Rob first put the band together in High School. Lyndon joined in around 2017 when we met in Sixth Form and that’s when we started to get gigs playing 60’s covers in local pubs and clubs in the North East of England.

Which artists have influenced your sound?

Our biggest influences are harmony/guitar based bands from the 60’s like The Beach Boys, The Byrds, The Beatles, The Who, Small Faces, The Kinks, The Hollies etc. but we also love, and are influenced by, bands from more recently in history such as The Jam, The Sweet, Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac, Slade, Beady Eye, The Las, The Sherlocks, Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis among many others.

A lot of of people know you as a cover-band, what made the decision to start writing original music?

We’ve been writing original songs for years now, but until recently we’ve been completely focused on playing covers at our live gigs.

In late 2019 Carl Hunter, the head of The Label Recordings, asked to hear our demos as he liked our style and our covers and was interested to see what our own material was like. He particularly liked our original demo of ‘Doesn’t Change’, so he arranged for us to go into Parr Street Studios in Liverpool to record the track with producer Chris Taylor to be released as our first single on The Label Recordings.

We wanted to release a song that captured the feel of all of our musical influences from the past while still sounding modern and contemporary. We love to use the classic Phil Spector “Wall of Sound” technique when we record our songs which means using just about every instrument at hand in the studio (including 12-string guitars, 6-string guitars, horns, Hammond organ, grand piano, electric piano, bass guitar, drums and tambourine) to create a rich, thick texture in the music which is echoed in our 4/5 part double-tracked vocal harmonies above it all. We think this is something that sets us apart from other bands around today as these sort of recording techniques have become rarer in recent times and it makes for an interesting sounding track that stands out amongst other music being released.

What do you guys prefer? Playing covers or writing your own music?

We’re really enjoying the response our new release is receiving both online, on the radio and also when we play it live at our gigs. It is more personally rewarding to have your own material appreciated, but we do still enjoy playing the songs we love from the 60s too.

What are your future plans for releasing original music?

We hope to be releasing more original material as soon as we can and we’re always in the process of writing new songs in our spare time.

Does this also mean less cover gigs, or will you be keeping the balance? 

We plan to slowly dilute our set of covers with original songs rather than doing an outright transformation as the cover gigs are where we make our money currently. Luckily we’re building a steady fan base with our 1960’s covers, and they all seem to be enjoying hearing our new song, so we’re hopeful that they’ll be just as receptive of our future releases.

What are your goals for the near future besides releasing more original music? 

We’d love to go back into Parr Street to record and release more original stuff to mix in with our covers and see where it takes us. We have no plans of stopping performing, so it’s just a matter of where it takes us from here and in what form, perhaps theatre performances or something might be an interesting progression from the pub/social club circuit?

We have a diary full of gigs booked in 2020, focusing mainly around the North East of England, and we’re also booked to play at “Best Fest” in August at the famous Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, Liverpool alongside The Quarrymen, The Merseybeats and Pete Best, the original drummer of The Beatles.


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