Hollow Legs – Sympathy for Phil Neville

I would like to introduce you to a new song of a band that knows how to handle their filthy guitar riffs and intriguing, unexpected hooks. No Hollow Legs-single is boring or sounds like the one before. ‘Sympathy for Phil Neville’ is their newest release and it is as liberating as walking through the Alps as free as Maria von Trapp. It is a goosebump-providing short essay that leads through the corridors of Hollow Legs’ creative brain.

The band started making music early 2018 and have evidently improved since their first release. The four prodigal sons deal in riffs, hooks and unconventional song titles. Now the single we’re talking about at the moment is a product of just that and talks about the struggle between authenticity and self image.

“What happens when to be true to yourself, you have to admit your weaknesses?”


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