Sev Lah – Free My Soul

Aussie rocker Sev Lah has released four brand new minutes of garage rock bliss. I’d say that Spotify is a wonderful way of getting to know new artists, instead of listening to the ones we’re so familiar with by now. My tip is to freshen up your playlists and give Sev Lah a listen! ‘Free My Soul’ is an incredibly catchy and well played new single that is a mishmash of Brit pop, grunge and garage rock. Critics would call it indecisive, I call it innovative.

In 2018 the musician decided it was time to finally completely devote himself to music. It was a refreshing decision that brightened up my music library. ‘Free My Soul’ is the first single of the debut album that Sev Lah recorded and produced together with producer Darren Hart (Harts). Some more rebellious energy will be sent our way soon and that’s something I think we all could use. Let’s rebel.

An anthem full with guitar hooks, distorted gritty vocals and an explosion of passion and vital lines that are new to our ears. About the single, Sev Lah said: “Free My Soul is a line in the sand. No longer will I do something unless I really want to.” Sev’s love for music started early, as he discovered the music that would change his life in the form of his father’s CD collection. There’s not much I could relate to more! His love for music is now spreading like a fire through his wonderful compositions and changing rhythms. “The defiant energy that has gone missing from rock in recent years is what I’m bringing back.”


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