Unknown Neighbour – Home

A dark and raspy voice, that sounds as if about to break, is trying to push his way into my head to not leave anytime soon. ‘Home’ is an on-point, instinctively open song, recently release by German folk pop singer songwriter Unknown Neighbour. It’s repetitive and babbles like a gentle river, it’s the comfort of the big sofa in your parents living room and the strong arm around your shoulders when the world becomes too heavy. Unknown Neighbour brings me very near goosebumps and a silent tear on my cheek, than again, I’m an emotional wreck.

Music is a feeling, and feeling comforted is always a good feeling. ‘Home’ is giving hope to the ones that have always had a room, yet no home. It’s about the home you build on your own, no matter where you come from, or where you are. Sascha said about the single “I wrote this song a while ago and I think it’s my most intimite one. The lyrics kind of summarize my music – my songs, my message, my artist name – but also me as a person.” Sascha, who is the person behind Unknown Neighbour, sounds like an honest and heartfelt artist and I’m happy I got to run into his music and be able to enjoy it the way I do. I have found my home, but if you haven’t, I hope this will give you some hope.

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