Poison Boys – Been Here All Night

No. I am not a fan of looking at glam-pop or old men putting on make-up, wearing sunglasses indoors or pretending they’re still teenagers. However, I can tolerate listening to it. As long as there are guitar riffs involved and loud, up beat rock’n’roll I’ll be attending the party. Poison Boys have released their new single and video for ‘Been Here All Night’ which is a filthy, riff-fueled song about who-knows-what. The lyrics are hard to distinguish and you’ll have to be a fan of it, but for me the amount of distortion makes up for that, who needs to hear the lyrics anyway?

According to frontman Matt Dudzik, “‘Been Here All Night’ is about falling in love with someone in the midst of chaos and finding out the other person feels the same. It’s about going for something just to try it, and finding out it works.” You have to give the band the fact that they’re not giving up on rock’n’roll, which is something I see happen way too often. It’s a feeling that bubbles inside, the need to just lose yourself in either music or chaos and completely giving in. It’s a short and sweet message the Chicago-based boys are bringing and pumping life back into, and for that I salute them.

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