White Collar Rebel – All Falls Down

White Collar Rebel have released new single ‘All Falls Down’, its slow intro grows into a steadier sound throughout accompanied by its charming vocals. The band formed three years ago, starting out playing covers but growing into liking creating their own sound more and more. A lot of it is predictable indie rock, but the chorus of ‘All Falls Down’ does almost cut to the bone. It’s a passionate and soaring single with unexpected hooks that keep the interesting in ‘All Falls Down’. The past couple of years the band have been on a journey of maturity that was influenced by the likes of Doves, Small Faces and Led Zeppelin. It takes some time before the riffs kick in but as soon as they do, ‘All Falls Down’ becomes a more interesting and inspiring piece.

What I respect most when I listen to bands is when I hear their progressing and in this particular case, hearing the progression on the second half of double A-side ‘Pretender’. This single is one I personally dig more than it’s companion. It is a single and sound that feels more like a natural flow, with the vocals more in the midst of the instrumentals and the riffs being less overdone. Both singles, however, complement each other well and show the bands growth, which is something I’m rather excited about nor can I wait for their live show during Hit The North Festival in the first weekend of May!

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