Cheriton – Parallel

He calls himself indie pop, but as I don’t think that’s the best way to describe any artist, as indie is on its way out, I would rather call Cheriton up beat funk pop. It’s the newest single ‘Parallel’ that’s been stuck in my head for the past week, or whenever I heard it for the first time. Nick Harrison is Cheriton and apparently a newcomer in the scene, however his floating sound does not sound like that of a newcomer. Nick seems to know exactly where he’s headed. It’s a pink cloud far above, fueled by a good mood and multi-coloured balloons.

One of the reasons this single sound so slick might be because it was produced by Andy Hall Hall (Bastille, Fickle Friends). Besides this interesting fact, the subject of the single is also rather interesting, even though milked a lot already. “‘Parallel’ reflects on social media and the damaging effects it can have on mental health. It’s a story of how fantasies and image projection run alongside reality and how people perceive relationships.” I could not agree more, however feel that lately every single I review is about social media and its damaging effects. Let’s think of a new band wagon to jump on, shall we?

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