Juliper Sky – Reflections of the Winter Sun

A dreamy, shoegaze-inspired sound. A dragging but wandering introduction to Juliper Sky‘s new single is what pulled me into their story. With a love for harmonies and songs that make me wonder, the band have created the soundtrack of my ever wondering thoughts. ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ is like Marmite, you either like it or you don’t. The band is showing great potential with their thought-through compositions and decisions of when to sing and when to be silent. A big part of the vocals are sung with a slight effect of delay which creates the idea of the band singing from behind a see-through plastic wall. I don’t say this very often, but I wish there is a video on its way to accompany this single.

‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ is about escapism and “two humans craving and longing for one another, but due to circumstance it is a dream which can never be realised. The heart often craves what it cannot have and in ‘Reflections of the Winter Sun’ it is in a state of mourning.” This is also the last single of a four track EP, officially due to be released in April. I hope to see this band grow far and further with their DIY work ethos and revealing sound.

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