The Lagoons – Love to Love You

It is a mellow but passionate indie sound that I have been missing from my playlists. I was unsure where to find it. The Lagoons brought it to me on a silver platter. What has been an annoyance to me the past couple of months is that a lot of indie bands seem to have mastered the sound of being bored. It was refreshing to hear the new single just released by The Lagoons, it’s their slightly passionate jazzy pop sound that made me look around in surprise, wondering “am I the only one who heard that?”

The Lagoons do their own and they do it right. ‘Love to Love You’ is a jazzy pop song that takes advantage of background-harmonies and swinging sax sounds. Lyrically it is so cheesy it is almost inedible, but the sax solo mid-song makes up for it. Besides being a swinging background tune this is also the intro of The Lagoons’ forthcoming album, due for release this summer. It’s no surprise there’s an album coming as the band has been releasing music since 2016. Since then, there have been Netflix-syncs, a BMW-commercial and their debut single was played across Bose stores worldwide. It’s official, I’m impressed by The Lagoons, in multiple ways. I’m ready for the album!

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