Yip Roc – Zubra

It’s loud, it’s fast, it’s up beat and has the same effect as a shot of adrenaline. Dutch alternative rock band Yip Roc have finally released a new single! It’s a solid punk rock song, that draws on the success IDLES is currently having. It’s angry and a shout for attention, which is working. You can barely go around Yip Roc anymore, or at least not in the Netherlands. They’re brave and just a little different, with their combination of filthy garage rock and Philicorda tones. ‘Zubra’ is a tale of loneliness in the presence of one’s loved one. A desperate cry for help and a scream of denial.

The band themselves would call themselves a tight fitting pair of skid-mark stained underpants, or in their words “fast, dirty and sexy”. I’m unsure if I agree with that, or the meaning of it, but their fast-paced, short but sweet sound is definitely hard to forget. They seem to be doing alright and I won’t mind another single. In this case, I’m the lucky one as there is an EP on its way! Listen to ‘Zubra’ here and let me know your thoughts.

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