PINS – Hot Slick

It’s the thumping, loud sound that woke me up. The singing angels in the background and the distorted sound of what sounds like someone hitting a toaster. When the vocals kick in I find myself wondering how this will develop over nearly five minutes. It’s bold, post-punk trio PINS that share their steamy single ‘Hot Slick’. ‘Hot Slick’ could have done with some rhythm-changes, some ups and downs to keep the single more dynamical, however the hooks that colour the single and show their uniqueness are a great alternative. The single shows PINS’ way of doing things repeatedly. The lyrics are simple, the beat is simple at times, but the fluctuations in musical compositions are what keep me listening and interested.

Over the last couple of years, since their first release in 2013, PINS have been picked up by Harper’s Bazaar, The Guardian, Stereogum and lots more. Most outstanding fact about the trio? They’ve got the creative blessing of rock royalty Iggy Pop. Question is if they get your creative blessing?

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