Meyru – At Some Point

Have you heard voices in your dreams before, the ones that are far away in the background but they come closer as the dream develops and it feels they are bringing an important message but you’re waiting for…. That point? Meyru recently released new single ‘At Some Point’ which is a mellow, indie dream pop song with comforting vocals and a comforting rhythm that thrives on percussion and guitar riffs. It’s the harmonies and the vocals that work for me and the bridges that keep the song interesting and make it a not so generic pop song. It’s romance in the form of a rock meets indie pop sound.

‘At Some Point’ is the medicine for a sore throat and red eyes, the feeling of nostalgia and your daily portion of soothing instrumental solos. Meyru explains what the single is about to him: “It’s kind of the start of something different for Meyru. It’s simpler, we could barely go any simpler. It is a short and sweet, poppy love song telling someone who may or may not love you back to get their shit together and just tell you what they want.” PREACH IT!


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