Transit Club – Airports

I’m usually not a fan of too many artificial sounds, but Transit Club have packed it into a chilling and at the same time warming pop song. ‘Airports’ is a love song of the non-cheesy kind, with soaring vocals and refined harmonies. The percussion offer a strong and stable foundation for the instrumentals and vocals to lean on. This single is about feeling stuck in transit and made me think back of all the memories I have of being at airports and traveling back and forth between the worlds I used to live in. I made the decision to leave one world behind and choose for the other, which ended the living in between. I feel ‘Airports’ on many levels and get goosebumps every time I listen to it.

In the words of Steve Motion of Transit Club: “The verses of this song are an expression of feeling stuck between two worlds, while the choruses are almost a celebration of accepting that maybe home is where your heart is, somewhere in between.”

‘Airports’ is like two strong arms wrapping themselves around me and holding me tight, making sure I do not collapse.

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