Eades – Saying Forever

Leeds-based disco-punk outfit Eades have released a new single called ‘Saying Forever’. It’s infectiously up beat, sounding curious and intriguing, as if being the soundtrack of a murder mystery series. But one that’s funny and lighthearted. ‘Saying Forever’ is about anxiety about the future and anxiety in general. Personally, I have never really had to deal with anxiety, however I can imagine this single helping you to deal with your feelings and fears. It’s the hooks and the riffs, the soothing vocals and the harmonies that come together in a nicely done single.

The band themselves call it ‘violently danceable’ and I think I’ve not agreed more with a band before! It’s new wave inspired, put in a modern jacket, with a dash of sparkle to give it it’s happy vibes. Thank you Eades, for sharing your music with us.

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