Jacques Labouchere – Lost Goals

A jazzy sound in combination with an up beat rhythm and vocals with a slightly raw edge are what make up ‘Lost Goals’, the new single by Jacques Labouchere. His voice sounds as worn out as passionate and makes me think of the man that has seen the world. ‘Lost Goals’ is a short story with recognisable chapters and the first single off the 4th upcoming album of American-Swede musician Jacques Labouchere. Labouchere lives life to its full potential, including being expelled from many a house on the hill. His songs serve a dash hope on a plate with a golden edge, being assisted by his ‘sunny side up’ kind of attitude. ‘Lost Goals’ made me like Jacques, and made me feel like I know him personally. It’s the tone of colour and his personality that shine through the riffs and the drum/ heart beat.

It is a little different than what I usually listen to but if this is Americana, I’ll grow into liking it!


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