Teen Mortgage – Doctor (video)

That intro was a mere three seconds of hesitation, after which Teen Mortgage kick in with some very refreshing up beat and angry rock. An absolutely trippy video adds even more power to the single, one that is hard to ignore. Teen Mortgage demands attention and they demand it now, with a great dose of attitude and a mix of noise rock and punk. Single ‘Doctor’ is besides powerful also the opening track of debut EP ‘Life/Death’. “The animations for the video were created by animator Hidoyet from Turkey. He constructed an abstract nightmare based on a psychedelic fever dream.”

The EP that was released at the end of last year is a summary of even more of these angry emotions, and already received a Wammie-nomination! The band are currently nominated for Wammies in the category of Best Punk Artist, Best Punk Album and Best Punk Song, which is rather impressive. I’m currently too blown away by these facts and I just want to listen to ‘Doctor’ again…

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