Franko Elvis – Lilac-Scented Panic Attacks

It is the comfort of a song, a slow buildup to a soft and sweet high that has you drifting off to a dream world filled with the voice of Franko Elvis. ‘Lilac-Scented Panic Attacks’ makes it sound like your panic attacks are actually freshly smelling flowers that feel like soft feathers stroking your cold skin. It’s the combination of indie, folk and some electronic effects that create a very comfortable mattress to sink away in. The introduction of the song, a combination of delicate piano play and the soothing sound of birds waking up are what grabbed my attention. Adding Franko Elvis’ voice to that had me wandering off, in all the best ways. It’s the infectious chorus and the harmonies that bring it all together and are the last pieces of this puzzle.

Franko Elvis grew up in old Texas and takes inspiration from a combination of glitz and pop his parents enjoyed when he was little. While aging, a broader spectrum of musical tastes and influences came into the mix which ended up being the Franko Elvis-mix. Franko wants to make music for every situation, music to enjoy with a group of people you don’t know but also music for your private crying sessions. It is one size fits all.

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