The Arosa – In Chemicals

What most excites me about listening to new music is hearing a new release and realising that one of your favourite bands just got even better. The Arosa have only been getting better and better since their first release in 2018. It’s a short amount of time in which the band have evolved and found their sound. Alternative, indie music might be on its way out, but The Arosa is pulling you right back into it. ‘In Chemicals’ is their fourth single and it is better than the previous releases they have brought into the world so far.

‘In Chemicals’ gives another perspective on mental health, besides of course being a personal one, it shares the message of ways to overcome your struggles. Every single soul is different, and there is no one cure for your mental health issues, however we can find ways together to make it bearable. Music is, for a lot of people, the most important way of sharing their feelings or feeling supported when just being a consumer of music. The Arosa have given a slightly brighter colour to the subject and done it in an infectious and up beat way!

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