Youth Sector – No Fanfare

When you keep hearing voices around you rave about one particular band, it is hard not to get excited about them yourself. It’s what happened to me and Youth Sector. This ridiculously up beat punk band is right up my street with their angry and heated sound. There is no intro or outro, it’s quick, sticky and bitter in all the right ways. ‘No Fanfare’ is irresistible and fueled by frustrations. The Brighton-based outfit is releasing an EP anytime soon, and takes their influence from bands such as Talking Heads and The Fall.

“‘No Fanfare’ is about the feeling of working hard and making sacrifices for little to no reward. When you work hard for a cause, and the effort is not reciprocated by others, it can feel like your efforts are only going as far as to facilitate the laziness of everyone else.” You know, what managers feel when their co-workers refuse to think for themselves. “Musically it has a kind of twitching volatility that feels like an outlet for those feelings of frustration.” An outlet for my frustrations is listening and screaming along to Youth Sector, and for that I thank them.

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