Be Quiet. Shout Loud! – (‘Til The Weekend) Comes Round Again

The inexhaustible energy of Be Quiet. Shout Loud! has once again been tested and spread through their latest release ‘(‘Til The Weekend) Comes Round Again’. It’s the energetic up beat vibes that I needed to be able to pick myself up again after spending days inside the house. It’s the pandemic that was about to make me go crazy when I heard this song and their feel good disco-punk never fails me! The five-piece from Teesside have released multiple singles and played many a festival where they completely blew the roof of the establishments (or tents).

The riff-filled intro was what had me, followed by the funky vocals and high energy instrumentals. It’s the complete product, and all parts that complement each other. ‘(‘Til The Weekend) Comes Round Again’ has a simple chorus that is easy to chant along and lives up to the expectations after hits ‘I Won’t Sing 4 U’ and ‘No Hope’. I can’t wait for the band to perform live again, as their package comes including confetti, lasers and sequined pants! The debut album will be released in May this year, so keep an eye and ear out!

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