Ellie Moon – Promise It Won’t Be Boring (video)

I promise you this won’t be boring, Ellie’s magnifique voice is a soothing and welcome surprise. ‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’ is the new single by Ellie Moon, and comes with a happy go lucky video that shines a light on Ellie’s up beat personality. It’s a charmingly lo-fi video that complements the single that at points comes off a little generic. The infectious pop song is the second installment taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Moonisms’. “The song is a Bowie-referencing post-party anthem for the heavy headed.”

Ellie exposes a little more on how the song came to be: “I wrote it about a wild weekend I had in Glasgow. Lyrically it’s the antithesis of a party anthem, and I wanted to convey that sense of impending doom you feel at the end of a night out…but the reality is the next day is never as bad as we make it out to be.” It’s the down-to-earth, easy-going vibes that had me with this single as it does not pretend nor sugarcoat anything. ‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’ is what it is.

The twenty-year old Ellie was born in Liverpool and moved to Madrid when she was only eleven. It impacted her and her songwriting greatly, as it was just her and her guitar when writing in Madrid. Inspired and influenced by jazz and neo jazz, she started playing in bands and somehow ended up where she is now. Debut EP ‘Moonism’ is going to be a grand introduction to the artist that is Ellie Moon.


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