Kendama – Wine

A spaceship has landed on earth and next to dropping off a pandemic, it also dropped off Kendama and with them their latest release ‘Wine’. It’s their infectious synth punk and incredibly energetic live show that got me hooked on the duo from Glasgow. I was only recently talking to some friends about the necessity of wine in this rather challenging time and Kendama grafted us the perfect soundtrack for our Skype-calls!

Inspired by both synth pop and and pop punk, the duo have created their own alienated sound that is as addictive as infectious and makes it hard not to move around. Think of bands such as Twenty One Pilots, Chvrches and Thirty Seconds To Mars, got it? Like those? Than you will probably also like Kendama. Even though I respect before mentioned famous artists a lot, they won’t ever slightly touch the energy that Kendama bring to the stage, so for me they’re only a bleak comparison.

“Wine is about getting drunk in a futile attempt to forget your problems, and the ensuing
hangxiety that punches you in the gut the morning after.” We all know that feeling, so have a listen and share your thoughts with us!

Photo by Rory Barnes Photography

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