Alfie Neale – If My World Falls Apart

Britain’s music scene is at a crossroads. We’ve been seeing the indie genre that has dominated the last decade losing its grip: genres such as art-rock, alt-rock and post-punk are emerging strong to take us in new directions.

Singer songwriter Alfie Neale is well placed for this shift in music tastes. Blending genres such as soul, hip hop, disco and funk, Alfie is truly refreshing. With a voice that bears similarities to Tom Grennan and James Vincent McMorrow, Alfie avoids the acoustic pop route and treads his own path with confidence.

In terms of Alfie’s five-song EP, titled ‘If My World Falls Apart’, it’s a work of art: a splendid collection of musical variety that demonstrates Alfie’s broad range of influences, whilst maintaining a coherency throughout – a clever feat in its own right.
Easing us in with s short introductory track, we’ve already had our interest piqued. Each song then continues to build upon this, satisfying our musical curiosity with the ending of every track and the start of the next song. The fourth song, ‘Alright’, really hits home – packing in some feel-good vibes that gives a big dose of positivity before closing song ‘Stepping Stones’ rounds off the EP, finishing on a solid hip-hop/soul influenced groove that completes the listening experience in a fabulously wholesome fashion.

Words by Jay Landman

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