Catalina Skies – Fear King Kong

Indie rock band Catalina Skies kicks you in the nuts with their latest up beat and high energy single ‘Fear King Kong’. To be honest, it’s more likely for me to fear the band than King Kong. It’s their passionate vocals, the up beat instrumentals and the edge their compositions give the soundscape. ‘Fear King Kong’ is about despair and feelings of anxiety turning into feelings of hope. It might sound rough and loud, but it’s actually pretty emotional. Their edgy sound what they call indie pop but I think it doesn’t even come close. This is some fiery alternative rock that keeps you left headbanging even after the track has ended.

Catalina Skies create great compositions that make use of filthy guitar riffs, drum rolls and passionate harmonies, however they also sound a lot like their inspirations such as Enter Shikari, Foo Fighters and The Strokes. It’s something not so different but it’s infectious nonetheless!

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