Gaspar Sanz – Cheryl

An intro that starts off with a meowing cat is usually a good omen and it’s proven to work for Gaspar Sanz‘s latest single. ‘Cheryl’ is an up beat, high energy indie rock song with some great hooks and spoken word parts that would usually not fit within the before mentioned genre. The Australian indie rockers are known for their energy and infectious sense of play. Their inspiration comes from an unlikely source, and knowing this gives the intro its meaning. “This song was inspired by a cat called Cheryl who used to live with Jimmy and Sammy. Cheryl was a stray who was living on the roof of our other flatmate’s previous residence and after a period of time, he ended up adopting her.”

Fun fact; the meows that are featured in the song are from Cheryl herself. “Jimmy followed her around the apartment with a microphone for about half an hour to capture them.” The track is not just an ode to Cheryl but explores the deeper relationships between humans and animals. Don’t take life too seriously is one of my favourite sayings, and with this song, that’s exactly what Gaspar Sanz is doing. 


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