Akande – George

Think of a combination of mellow indie and up beat tropical pop, add some effortless next door neighbour kind of vocals and you have the newest release of Akande. ‘George’ is about a friend having a bad trip in Amsterdam. A song filled with hooks and multiple intriguing layers of instrumentals that feel like a warm sunny morning mid summer when you’re on your way to the beach with a group of friends. Next to the admirably up beat vibes, I enjoyed inventive lyrics such as “George is in his feelings again”. I asked if this song was based on a true story and how it came to be; “We were on a mini break in Amsterdam and paid a visit to one of the many shops around, George ended up in a trip he thought was never going to end! The song is about me trying to console him.”

The three piece from Wolverhampton had some exciting gigs on their agenda that will be postponed and will hopefully kick start their career, as their debut single is a very promising start! Grab your sunglasses and enjoy Akande’s sunny debut.

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