The New Righteous Mood – Sleepwalker

‘Sleepwalker’ is a new wave-infused indie pop song and the lead single of The New Righteous Mood‘s debut EP. It’s an ode to a friend who became rather lonely and lived a life that got judged by many. This single is a reassurance to whoever feels lonely, and to say that they’ll always have a friend.

With a mutual love for lo-fi and garage punk music, The New Righteous Mood got inspired by Parquet Cours, The Strokes and Deerhunter to name a few and they’ve worked with those influences to create their own and mesmerising sound. The New Righteous Mood is a band I can get lost in, their comforting and laid back performance is an intriguing one that makes me want to sit back and let it all hang loose. It’s the soundtrack of most of my Sundays, however a lot better structured. It’s not just ‘Sleepwalker’, it’s also more up beat and guitar riff-fueled track ‘Trail of Shade’ that made me think “this is good!”

The New Righteous Mood consists of Tommy, Hugo, Joe and George and might look like your average indie band, however their sound is a lot more mature and a blend of post punk, indie and before-mentioned new wave. I’m a new gained fan and will now be listening to that EP on repeat for the foreseeable future.



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