5 Of My Favourites in April

Holden Laurence – Sometimes Laughter

It’s another dark and hazy rock-fueled pop track by the talented Holden Laurence. I have dived into his sound and can’t seem to get out anymore. ‘Sometimes Laughter’ is his latest and heartfelt release, filled with heartache and unexpected twists and turns.

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Arson Daily – Bringing It All Back Home

Arson Daily has released a new and infectious single, which takes influence from alternative indie and has a hint of hip hop with its electronic synth sounds. It’s the slow build up, the relaxed atmospheric soundscape and Arson’s effortless vocals that make this a great tune.

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Fuzzysurf – How Do You Decide?

Somehow the first thing I thought of when listening to this single was ‘Grease’. It’s the laid back summer vibes and the up beat soundscape that brings sunshine to any room and had me dancing in my chair and wiggling my feet. It’s a combination of alternative indie pop and rock and a bit of funk!

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Mirror Shot – Taste Invader

Feel the summer shine through with a heavily guitar-infused track enhanced with dark and monotonous vocals that somehow are intriguing and make you have to listen. It’s Mirror Shot’s latest release ‘Taste Invader’. A single full of hooks that stays interesting from start til finish.

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RAMES – She’s Gold

RAMES is bringing you our current spring-vibes but inside of your house! All you have to do is turn up the volume and dip your toes into the luke warm swimming pool that is filled with high pitched guitar tones and raspy vocals with a soft edge. RAMES have just released their latest single ‘She’s Gold’ and it’s got the sweet touch of a love song infused with hasty riffs.

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