Article No. 301!

This week Music For The Misfits’ 300th article got published! I felt that I had to celebrate the past 300 articles so I’ve asked some of my favourite artists to send me their honest opinion on Music For The Misfits and one of their favourite tracks of the past two years! I have added some golden oldies to the ‘Favourites’-playlist and I hope that you have enjoyed the past 300 articles as much as I and that you will stick with me for the next 300!

Plastic Glass: “Music For The Misfits has been a great outlet in helping us get our music to new fans in a professional yet interesting format.”
Favourite song: Patrick Gosling – ‘Hollywood’

The Bergamot: “Music For The Misfits is one of the best indie forward blogs in our modern world. If you are looking for authentic and original music content centered around some of the best emerging musicians around then look no further.
Favourite track: Didirri – ‘Don’t Fight With What You’re Fighting For’
“One of our personal favorite tracks is Didirri’s latest release. Both Nathaniel and I have to agree that this song’s vulnerable nature is exactly what the world needs right now!”

Mosaic Sun: “I think Music For The Misfits offers a lovely mix of live reviews and new music releases. I like that the blog is born from an obvious and effervescent love of and for more music. It feels like meeting a friend in person except it’s a very clued up friend music-wise.”
Favourite song: Ezra Furman – ‘Love You So Bad’
“A song we have loved and lived from the past two years is Ezra Furman’s ‘Love You So Bad’ because it is joyful and uplifting and also beautifully pathetic and grandiose at the same time.”

The Receivers: “Music for the Misfits is a great hub for all things new music!”
Favourite tune: Blossoms – ‘My Swimming Brain’
“Blossoms have always been a huge inspiration to me and their latest album is by far their best yet, this is my favourite tune from it.”

Azu Yeché: “Music For The Misfits is a great blog which supports artists with sensitivity and care. They supported my song ‘Lagos’ which was a very personal song and they continue to support many artists through their blog. Long may they reign.”
Favourite track: Jordan Mackampa – ‘Saint’

Ottawa Trust: “Everyone must follow Music For The Misfits and the incredible, selfless work they do to promote new artists that are truly doing something original who hold true to the spirit of what Rock & Roll was meant to be.”
Favourite track: LP – ‘Dreamcatcher’

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