Didirri – Don’t Fight With What You’re Fighting For (video)

Didirri brings us heartfelt lyrics, a beautiful voice and a sensitive and breakable sound with his latest single ‘Don’t Fight With What You’re Fighting For’. With the single comes a miraculous lyric video that shines a spotlight on the young and talented Melbourne-based lad. Nearing the end of the first minute a brass section gives a lighter tone to the overall feeling of this single, with the main message being not to lose hope nor heart. It’s the addition of jazzy compositions that gives this a more than versatile sound and shows that Didirri is not a simple singer songwriter. Didirri: “If music is all I have to give you right now, then that’s what I will do.” He continues on his new single: “The song serves as a comment, but also a reminder, that positive change has to first come from yourself. Hold yourself accountable before you do those around you.”

The uneasy times we’re currently in make times even harder for musicians that mainly rely upon their live shows, and Didirri was one of the many artists that had to reschedule his upcoming Australian headline tour. The new tour dates will now take place in November instead of April. At least Australians now have something to look forward to.

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