5 Of My Favourites in March

Stay Lunar – Dreaming That I’m Not In Love

Stay Lunar’s magical and floating sound is back with their latest single ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’! If you sum up dreamy vocals and synth pop instrumentals, plus a sense of new wave, what you’ve got is Stay Lunar.

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Wes Reeve – My Heart, Your Heart

You have to love flutes, to be able to enjoy Wes Reeves new single. It’s a sensible and fairytale-like story with spot on vocals that cut through glass. She got on my radar after releasing ‘Flowers In My Hair’ and this new release does not disappoint either!

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Shade – Combat Rave

Echoing indie rock with a screeching edge and a dark Oasis kind of vibe. Loads of energy and anger seems to have been thrown into the mix and out of it came ‘Combat Rave’, the latest release by Hamilton-based rock outfit Shade. Their filthy rock’n’roll grabs you by the throat and does not let go!

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Linden – Velvet Morning

It’s the hauntingly relaxing sound and the laid back vocals Linden brings us with ‘Velvet Morning’ that had me and chased me around in my dreams. ‘Velvet Morning’ does not only sound but also actually feels like a velvet blanket in the morning, a dark green one with dark flowers…

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Rowlette – Letters

When the lyrics are spot on and seem to be written for you, and you instantly feel the goosebumps creeping up on you. The rhythm of ‘Letters’ is a slow but steady foundation for a chillingly loving single, released by West Ireland-based singer songwriter Rowlette.

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