Moody Mourad – Leave Me Alone

Catch up on the sun with a light sound, good energy and a happy go lucky kind of vibe. It’s the newest Moody Mourad that did it for me. ‘Leave Me Alone’ is about an ex or friend who continues to bother and boggle you online but you can’t quite push them away yet. It can be rather scary to be alone, however this song is a way of saying ‘this is the end, you’ve got to leave now’. Moody Mourad tells the story in an infectious and fun, danceable way. The high notes in the intro set the tone for the rest of the song and all they promise is a smile on your face. Combine this with some great riffs mid song and amicable harmonies and what you have is a wonderful cheerer upper.

Moody Mourad is a lo-fi bedroom pop artist based in Los Angelos and this is his second release of 2020 with his first one being debut EP ‘Moody Mourad’. There’s no stopping this guy!

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