Parallax Skies – By The Time

It’s your new favourite relaxed indie pop song, created by Parallax Skies. ‘By The Time’ takes advantage of alienated sounds, a dragging intro and a heartfelt chorus. It’s taking the time for its build up and it comes in waves. Parallax Skies have been on my radar for a while and with this new release it shows that they have taken more time to think of their sound and how to bring it to their audience. Parallax Skies draws inspiration from Echo & The Bunnymen, New Order and Elephant Stone amongst many others. Take your pick of alternative 80’s tracks and you will hear bits of Parallax Skies in all of them!

After a big year last year the band keeps growing and going, with ‘By The Time’ their first release of 2020. “’By The Time’ is about self-realisation and specifically of having wasted time by concentrating on all the wrong things.” singer and guitarist Andy explains. This single and it’s relaxed vibe, however, does not match the enormous amount of energy the band throws into their live shows. I think the right word for this band is ‘chameleon’. Whatever you need, you’ll find it in Parallax Skies.

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