The Roost – Leïla

The Roost‘s latest release is a full length album that starts off with an intense track about the idealistic couple relationship. It’s at the edge of sounding like a stalker wrote a love song for his high school crush but has a couple of filthy hooks that had me… Hooked. ‘Leïla’ is the introduction to this album and a great way of getting to know The Roost. The band makes filthy alternative garage rock that is filled with riffs and rolling drums. The whole album is drenched with this sound and it shows to be a great end product that links all songs together through its dark and moody rock vibe. Even though this single is about the happy topic of love, it sounds rather dark and gives the feeling of a tough break up, but “‘Leïla’ is the one, the one you wish for.”

Give it a listen and some thought and let us know what you think! Would you open the door for ‘Leïla’?


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