Autos Jaquet – 3D Glasses

Excuse my French but the debut single by Autos Jaquet kicks ass. It’s loud and full of riffs, it’s infectious and a wonderful blend of indie pop, rock and garage. Think up beat drums, loud vocals, harmonies where suited and intriguingly dreamy guitar lines. The debut single of Vancouver’s Autos Jaquet is promising and fun and features members from established acts The Dead Zones and Giraffe Aftermath. Now I know that comparing acts to The Good, The Bad and The Queen is maybe a bit much, but you can compare this super group to before mentioned super group. ‘3D Glasses’ is an ode to distorted reality which is exactly what it sounds like.

The trio are a brand new rock outfit from Canada that have a long history together. Their debut single is about living life through a distorted reality and the title is supposed to hand the listener it’s goggles to see it through her or his own eyes. Distortion isn’t either good nor bad, but just different. “Once the glasses are on, you’re in a different world.”

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