Stay Lunar – Dreaming That I’m Not In Love

Stay Lunar is a band I have kept my eyes and ears on since their debut single ‘Brainshake’ which is why I’m happy to share with you their latest release. ‘Dreaming That I’m Not In Love’ is a dreamy pop single that flows like a calm river with interesting shores. With unexpected rhythm-changes the band give their sound a little kick to it, which keeps it surprising as always. Their compositions lean on dreamy far away vocals that sing about relationship insecurities and inescapable nightmares that cling to you for days. Mix in a hint of shoegaze and a nearly new wave vibe and you’ve got Stay Lunar’s improved sound.

The Bristol-based five piece were formed only last year and have already had quite the impact on their local music scene. Their bold and honest sound landed them support slots with the likes of Larkins, Little Comets and The Lottery Winners to name just a few. Singer Harry says about their music: “We want to make music that makes people feel something, but simultaneously want to dance. For us, it spins difficult topics and situations into hopeful, optimistic pieces.”

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