Mosaic Sun – Deeper Breaths

Alternative tropical rock outfit Mosaic Sun have released their latest single ‘Deeper Breaths’ and it is a positive note about being able to pull through, no matter what. The band heavily built momentum with their earlier bangers ‘Jack Kerouac’ and ‘Castles’ and an impeccable live show! Their first release of 2020 is ‘Deeper Breaths’ which will be followed by a debut album at the end of the year. Talking about what ambient pop song ‘Deeper Breaths’ is about, Nabor explains: “I think that everyone can relate to ‘Deeper Breaths’ in one way or another. That feeling of having to push trough work or a social affair. Despite this feeling, we put a positive, optimistic spin on the song to deliver a message of positivity.”

In the end, music is what pulls us through and Mosaic Sun have been one of the up beat and positive-minded bands that is high on my personal list of favourite bands. They deliver both on stage and online, which makes them versatile and it shows their talent of being able to adapt to any circumstance. Take a deep breath and have a listen!

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