The Tonalities – Chances

North East-based alternative rock band The Tonalities have finally released their debut single ‘Chances’ after building up the hype playing live gigs and perfecting their sound since early 2019. ‘Chances’ takes advantage of a slow build up and intriguing lead vocals. It’s a rhythm old school track about taking chances and ricks throughout life. Lyrically it is a single full of contradictions, as is life in general. The Tonalities share their opinion on how essential taking chances is, however it also comes with a risk and might get you just as well nowhere near your goal.

‘Chances’ was recorded in a single day and shows the band have thought long and hard about how to bring their sound and live energy to online streaming platforms. It’s the hook nearing the end of the second minute that had me, and even though ‘Chances’ builds slowly, in combination with the vocals the single lives up to its expectations. There’s room for improvement, but that’s what makes a debut a debut. The Tonalities have set the tone for their future releases and I’m excited to hear more of the band!

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