Rye Milligan – Silhouette

There is a new singer songwriter in town that you should most definitely not avoid. Rye Milligan is an artist with his heart on his sleeve who has just released his latest single ‘Silhouette’. It’s a melodramatic, dynamic, electronic-fueled indie pop song that showcases the young lads’ multiple sides. He has introduced a sound that is a blend of indie, hip hop, pop and electronica and has mixed it in his own and honest way.

Rye used loops, samples and heavy bass lines to create his latest single and give it his personal signature. The song seems to be made up of several chapters that are all introduced in their own way, Rye’s upright vocals lead through the chapters and interweave them all together. Together with single ‘Silhouette’ comes a raw and simple video that shows Rye performing the song on his own in a stripped back attic. Rye Milligan proves to be able to be a one-man band as well as a team-player as he plays guitar in indie pop band Luna Bay.

Talking about the single, the singer songwriter says: “I’ve been tweaking this song for nearly three years. I’ve been working on the mix for a while. One night, my housemate Alex, drummer of Luna Bay, heard it and liked it. Seeing him excited about my solo music kind of gave me the confidence to get back into it and properly finish the track off. The feeling’s magic.”


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